What is Geofence?

Geofence is a virtual boundary that you can specify around your store for your Zenoti Mobile.

As long as your employees are in the specified area (latitude and longitude), they can access the full functionality of the Zenoti Mobile. If employees are outside the specified area, they will have "limited access" to Zenoti Mobile.

For example, if you specify geofence as 100 meters around your store's latitude and longitude, any employee who is within 100 meters of your store can perform actions such as add new appointments, check in self or guests, and access payroll information.

If the employee steps outside the 100 meter radius, the employee will not be able to perform any actions using the app.

What will work inside the geofence?

If an employee is within the specified radius, the employee will be able to do the following:

What will not work outside the geofence?

If an employee is outside the specified radius, the employee will not have access to all of the functionalities of Zenoti Mobile. However, if you want your employees to access appointments data when they are outside of Geofence range, you need to do the following: 

  • Enable the Can access all data outside geofence region on Zenoti Mobile setting for an employee role permission (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > select a role > General tab) 

  • Enable the Allow check-in from mobile setting at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > Zenoti Mobile section). 

Employees who have the appropriate permissions enabled can perform the following actions when outside the Geofence range.

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