To deactivate or terminate employment:

  1. At the center level, click the Employee icon.

  2. Navigate to Employees > Employees.

  3. Select the desired employee.

  4. Expand the General tab.

5. From Job Info section, enter the End Date for the employee.

6. Click Save*.
The employee can no longer access Zenoti Web and Zenoti Mobile.

*See the following section (Required Role Permissions) for further details on the impacts of adding an end date (terminating/deactivating) an employee profile.

Important: After you mark an End Date for an employee, ensure you clear the checkbox, Show in webstore and mobile app (Catalog tab) and click Save.
This will ensure that the deactivated employee no longer appears as a provider for future bookings on the Webstore and Consumer Mobile app (CMA).

Required Role Permissions

If you do not see the Save button (as mentioned above), it means you do not have the necessary role permissions. In such cases, reach out to your center manager or owner to enable the role permissions for you.

To enable role permission to terminate employee/make changes to an employee profile:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  3. Select the required <Job Role>.

  4. Go to the Permissions tab.

  5. Expand the Employee Manager section.

  6. Under General Settings, ensure Edit checkbox is selected.

  7. Click Save.
    Users with this permission can make changes to employee profiles such as terminating employee profiles; they can then save the changes.

Impacts of Terminating an Employee

When you terminate an employee using End Date, Zenoti checks if that employee has any future appointments (that is, appointments scheduled after the end date).

  • If the terminated employee has no appointments in the future, Zenoti does not show the employee in Appointment Book (after the end date).

  • If the terminated employee has appointments in the future, Zenoti alerts the user (that is, the authorized user who adds the end date), that the employee has appointments in the future along with the relevant booking details.
    The user must move these appointments to another provider to ensure that the terminated employee does not show up on Appointment Book (after the end date).

  • On Appointment Book, terminated employees’ schedules are greyed and crossed out with the message ‘This employee is no longer active’. The names of such employees appear in the format, First Name, Last Name (Inactive). For example, in the following screenshot, the employee appears as Harry Bright (Inactive) on the dates where he has scheduled appointments (after the end date) and his schedule for such days are greyed and crossed out.

Other impacts of terminating employment using End Date:

  • Terminated employees cannot access Zenoti Web and Zenoti Mobile.

  • Front-desk staff cannot book appointments against such employees.

  • If guests book appointments from Mobile or Webstore V2, the names of such terminated employees do not appear in the list of providers.

  • The Check-In/Checkout options are removed from the context menu of the terminated employees - such employees do not appear in the check-in/checkout popup either.

  • The context menu is disabled on the provider schedule for such terminated employees. As a result, you cannot drag and drop appointments into such employees’ schedules, nor can you create block out times for such employees.

  • Terminated providers are not shown in the provider drop-down lists in the booking panel.
    Note: Terminated provider names continue to appear for existing appointments until modified/updated.

  • Terminated providers will not be shown in the drop-down lists of Waitlists, Rooms, and Classes views.

  • Repeat appointments cannot be updated/modified with terminated employees. An error message is displayed on repeat appointment pop-ups to notify the user that the provider was terminated.

  • The POS screen will not show terminated providers in the Sale By, Commissions, and Tips drop-down lists and in Search fields (unless they are providers in the appointments).

  • Terminated employee’s existing payroll and commission details are not deleted from Zenoti. However, terminated employees will no longer appear on payroll reports for pay periods after the end date.

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