Ever wondered how to measure the success of an ad or a promo you have advertised in most watched TV channels, most heard radio channels, or coupon books? Zenoti can do its bit in tracking your media promotions. Before going into the details, let's brush up a little on the basics.

This article covers:

  • What is a Media Campaign

  • Zenoti for Media Campaigns

  • Steps to Create Media Campaigns in Zenoti

What is a Media Campaign

Media campaigns are the promotions (promos) or campaigns you launch for a wider audience. They are publicized through newspapers, Bluebook, radio, television channels and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The goal of a media campaign is to attract new visitors to your outlets. You could plan a media campaign for a local center or across all your centers. 

Zenoti for Media Campaigns

In Zenoti, you can create a record of the media promotions you are launching to the outside world. You can roll out the offers to guests when invoice is raised using Zenoti (from the Webstore or by the front desk).

The media campaigns in Zenoti does not send out SMS/Emails to your guests. It helps you track the effectiveness of your campaign and revenue earned.

Social Media Campaign - You could post your media campaign on your Facebook page and also tweet about it in your Twitter account.   

Overview of Steps to Create a Media Campaign

Follow these steps to create a media campaign.

  1. Plan your Media Campaign or Promotion 

  2. Create a Media Campaign in Zenoti
     - Enter Campaign Info
     - Select a Campaign Type
     - Select Recipients
     - Save and Publish

  3. Track the Effectiveness of Your Media Campaign 

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