After planning, let’s create a media campaign in Zenoti. This article helps you to:

  1. Navigate to media campaign in Zenoti

  2. Learn steps involved in creating media campaign

  3. Do first step in campaign creation: Enter Campaign Info  

Create a Media Campaign

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Media.
    Note: Permissions to add, edit, delete, view, and/or publish the campaign depend on your user role in Zenoti. Contact your Admin for the necessary permissions. 

  2. Click Add to add a virtual record of a media campaign.
    The Create New Media Campaign page appears.

3. You will find 4 simple steps to 'create a campaign' (shown in 4 blue boxes below Create).

Enter Campaign Info

Let’s start with the first step - Enter Campaign Info.

In the Campaign Info section, enter the following details:

  1. Campaign Name: Give a name to your media campaign. The best practice is to give an easy-to-understand name to your campaign.
    For example, if you are doing a campaign for Christmas and New Year then, you could name the campaign as 'Seasons special offer - Pamper Your Senses'. Your campaign name can include alphabets, numbers, and few special characters. Yet, you cannot use following special characters in the campaign name - Tilde (~), Dollar ($), Star/multiplication symbol (*), Exclamation mark (!), double quotes ("). 

  2. Offer Code:  Ensure that the Offer Code is simple, short, and readable so that your users feel easy to type in or copy-paste when they are applying the offer code when buying from the Web Store. Your code can convey campaign type or campaign goal.
    Best Practice for Offer Code: Ensure that the code does not include the letter ‘i’, space, or hyphen. Example: 'PROMO2018', 'CASHBACK25'. 

  3. Description: Enter details such as promotion channels, date of launch of promotion, and other related info to keep a track of the campaign. The description you enter here is posted in the Webstore.
    Note: Clicking Done will only close the 'Enter Campaign Info' section and will not save your information.

Next: Select a Campaign Type

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