We are in the first step of media promotion - Planning. This article helps you to: 

  1. Plan your offer with the promo

  2. Set up things in Zenoti as per plan

Plan What You Would Offer with a Promo

As part of your media promotion, plan the following:

  • At which level would you like to do the promotion? - Across all your centers in your organization, across all centers at a zonal level, or just in one center that is new or needs more publicity to improve sales. You are the best judge of what you want. 

  • Next thing you might want to plan is, which enticement would you like to apply to draw the attention of your target crowd - a discount, loyalty points, or an attractive cashback offer? 

  • Also, decide whether you want to roll out the discount, loyalty points, or cashback benefit to all your guests or only to a target audience. 

  • In Parallel to the setup in Zenoti, as an offline activity, build and implement your strategy on media marketing. Design your ads, decide the channels, and then broadcast, publicize, print or publish them in the channels. 

Set up Things in Zenoti as per plan

Based on your plan, you might have to setup one or more of the following. 

Note: Ensure that you have necessary permissions to add, edit, delete, view, and/or publish the campaign in Zenoti. Contact your Admin for the necessary permissions.

Next Step:
Create a Media Campaign in Zenoti
 - Enter Campaign Info
 - Select a Campaign Type
 - Select Recipients
 - Save and Publish

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