Important: You can book surprise visits only if your organization has enabled this feature. Contact Zenoti Support to enable this feature for you.

When you mark an appointment as a Surprise Visit, the following impacts take place in Zenoti:

  • You can only modify a surprise appointment, but cannot change the appointment into a regular appointment. That is, once you select the Surprise visit checkbox,  you cannot clear it. 

  • If for some reason, the guest who is giving the surprise, wants to cancel the Surprise Visit, the front desk must delete the appointment. 

  • If an appointment is marked as a Surprise Visit, Zenoti does not send the following SMS/mails to guests (recipients of surprise):
    -  Appointment confirmation
    -  Appointment reminder
    -  Appointment rescheduled
    -  Appointment cancelled
    -  Payment Made notification

Note: Zenoti resumes normal communication with the guest as soon as the guest avails the services of the surprise visit. 

  • When the front desk does phone follow-up for appointments, they can easily identify such surprise appointments with visual cues (see screenshot). The front desk must not call such guests (recipients) as calling the guest would spoil the surprise. 

Important: There is no visual indicator in the Guest Profile to show that an appointment is a surprise

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