The Zenoti-QuickBooks integration (with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online) gives you the flexibility of exporting your financial data from Zenoti and importing it into QuickBooks.

In this article, you will learn how to export the QuickBooks report as an Excel file from Zenoti.
Note: The QuickBooks report is available only at the center level and is not available at the organization level.

Before you Begin

  • QuickBooks does not have a mechanism to prevent duplication. If you import the same data twice into QuickBooks, you will have duplicate entries.

  • To prevent duplication of entries, Zenoti recommends that you have a fixed schedule for export. For example, you may choose to export data from Zenoti once every two weeks or once a month.

  • You must always export data by selecting a date that is a day after your previous export.
    For example, if you have performed your last export on 30th September, you next export must be from 1st October.

  • To successfully export data from the QuickBooks report, at the Organization level, in the Reports tab, ensure that you have enabled the QuickBooks Export report (Admin > Accounting section).
    Learn how to enable or disable a report.

To export data from Zenoti:

  1. Make sure you have selected the center for which you want to export the report. 

  2. Click the Reports icon.

  3. On the Reports Dashboard, click Finance > Accounting (from filter).

  4. From the list of reports, click QuickBooks Export. The report opens in a new tab.

  5. Select From and To dates and click Export. The QuickBooks report is downloaded as an Excel file.
    Important: Zenoti recommends that you pick a From date a day after your last export to prevent duplicate entries.
    For example, if you have performed your last export on 30th September, you must ideally perform the next export with 1st October as the From date. 

To learn about the details in the QuickBooks report, see QuickBooks Report: Field Mapping.

What Next?

  1. Step 2: Use TransactionPro to import the downloaded report into QuickBooks

  2. Step 3: Verify the import in QuickBooks

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