When guests return products, the front desk can refund and restock the product supplies as long as the product is not damaged and is within the expiry date. They can refund and restock the products from the Refunds screen while processing the refund on the returned product. 

Important: To be able to refund the price of products, you must have the required permissions. Administrators and owners have this permission by default.
The front desk can restock returned products only if the setting Allow to restock returned products is selected from the organization level - (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Inventory)

Once a product is returned and restocked in this manner, it is added to the floor quantity of the current stock. To view details of such product returns and restocked quantity, you can view the Customer Returns report either from Reports > (Search for) Customer Returns or from Inventory > Reports > Returns > Customer Returns.

To refund and restock returned products:

1. In the Appointment Book, search for the invoice using its number

2. On the Search for an Invoice or a Receipt dialog box, click Return.

3. On the Invoice and Payment details window, select I want to > Refund Invoice.
The Refund Invoice window appears.

4. Select the products you want to refund and restock.
Use the fields Qty (for the number of units being returned), Restock (for the number of units to restock), and Refund Amount (for the amount to be refunded).

5. Click Proceed to Refund.
The Payment Methods page appears. 

6. Choose how you want to refund the payment. Learn how

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