The Royalty on Cross Center Inflow report helps you track your franchisee’s collections from cross center redemptions, and the royalty that you owe the franchisor on those collections.

Note: Cross Center inflow refers to the redemption amount that another franchisee pays your franchisee when their memberships, gift cards, prepaid cards, or packages are redeemed at your franchisee; it is the amount that you collect on such redemptions.

The report shows the following information for each day in the selected time period:

  • The cross center inflow from memberships, membership service credits, gift cards, prepaid cards, and packages redemptions

  • The royalty that you owe the franchisor on each of these inflows

  •  The total royalty you owe the franchisor on all cross center inflows

Note: You can run the report for a particular franchisee or for the entire organization. When you run the report for the organization, it shows the cross center inflows and the corresponding royalty of all the franchisees in the organization.

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