If a service provider does not come into work for the day, at the front desk, you can quickly reassign all the provider’s appointments to another provider to ensure smooth flow of business. You could also move appointments of providers to balance the load better.

Zenoti suggests moving or reassigning appointments after considering a number of constraints and suggests moving appointments only if another provider:

  • Is available at the same time

  • Takes the same time to provide the service (there is no time scaling involved)

  • Charges the same amount (there is no price scaling involved)

Zenoti does not move appointments in the following cases:

  • If the guest has requested a specific provider.
    Note: At the front desk, you can mark a guest’s preference for a specific provider in two ways.
    a) From the bottom panel of the Appointment Book, for the Request option, if you select “Specific” then select the name of the specific provider.
    b) From the Booking Wizard, if you select the name of a specific therapist from the Provider drop-down list.

  • If other providers charge a higher price for the service (where the price scaling factor is involved).

  • If other providers take a longer time to perform the service (where the time scaling factor is involved).

Tip: To ensure that no more bookings are made in the name of the absent provider (from the front desk, mobile app, or Webstore), the administrator or owner must take the absent provider off the employee schedule for the day. 

To reassign or move appointments to a new provider:

  1. Click the name of the provider whose appointments you wish to move and select Move Appointments.
    A new window opens where you can move the appointments if Zenoti has found alternates. 

  2. For the option Move To, either select the name of a specific provider or select Any Available Therapist.

  • Select the name of a specific provider if you have a provider who is taking the place of the absent provider for the day (replacement provider). Zenoti then checks if the appointments can be moved to the selected provider.

  • Select Any Available Therapist if you want Zenoti to check for any available provider who can meet the appointment criteria or constraints.

    For example, Zenoti checks for constraints such as whether the alternate provider is capable of performing the service, and also if the guest prefers a male or a female therapist.

3. Click Update if you are fine with the alternate service provider Zenoti suggests.
    Zenoti then updates the status to Updated.

4. Click Find Time Slots for appointments where Zenoti did not find an alternate provider in the same time slot.

5. If the room selected earlier is already booked, you can now select a room from the list of available rooms and quickly move the appointment.

Zenoti redirects you to the bottom panel of the Appointment Book where you can rebook appointments on another day, as appropriate. 

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