At times you might have to issue a receipt to a guest that includes the guest's GSTIN (in addition to your center GSTIN). 

To print a guest's GSTIN on a receipt

  1. Create a guest custom field for guest GSTIN (this is a one-time activity)
    Important: You can create a custom field only if you have an Enterprise license.

  2. Save the guest's GSTIN in the guest's profile before printing the receipt.

To create a guest custom field for GSTIN

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

2. Navigate to Custom Fields > Guests.  

3. Click Add Field.

4. Complete the fields and ensure that you have selected the Field Type as Textbox
     and also have selected the option Print data on invoice.

5. Click Add Field.
    The guest custom field for guest's GSTIN is added. You can now use this field to
     enter a guest's GSTIN number.

To include a guest's GSTIN on a receipt

When a guest requests their GSTIN to be included on the receipt:

1. Access the guest's profile.

2. Click the Custom Fields tab.
     You will see the custom field you created for GSTIN.

3. Enter the guest's GSTIN in the guest custom field and click Save.
    Zenoti saves the GSTIN of the guest.

    When you close an invoice of the guest and print the receipt, the receipt includes
    the GSTIN of the guest. 

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