You can checkout two or more guests who have availed services (on the same date or on a different date) on a single invoice without having to check them out separately.

Important: You cannot apply any redemptions or discounts after you add an invoice to an existing invoice. Any redemptions or discounts must be applied to individual invoices before you group them.

To checkout two or more guests on the same ticket or invoice

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the guest's appointment to which you wish to add
       other guest's invoices. 

  2. Click Add to Group Bill.

  3. Add the invoice to an existing group. See the next screenshot for reference.

  4. Alternatively, click New Group

  5. Zenoti prompts you to enter a name for the group.

  6. Click Create Group.

    The group name becomes available in the context menu so that you can add other invoices to the group easily.

  7. Add other guests to the same group, as required. 

  8. Locate any one of the invoices that belong in the group, click Locate service, and select Show services in group appointment from the context menu to view only those invoices that belong to the group.

    To return to the normal view that shows all appointments, click View all on the message that appears at the top of the screen. 

  9. Proceed with taking payment as you normally do.

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