Employees with required permission, can access and book an appointment for a guest. Zenoti Mobile gives you the ability to book a surprise visit, group appointments, or multiple services in one appointment.    

To add a new appointment

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile.
   The appointment page appears.

2. Tap the + sign.
     Important: The + sign appears only if you have the required permissions.

    The Search a Customer screen appears.

3. Use the search bar to search and select your guest. 

    Zenoti adds the guest’s name to the appointment.
Note: If a guest already has a booking on a day but the front-desk staff is booking another appointment for that guest on the same day, the following alert appears.

The front-desk staff can choose to book the appointment as a new one or add it to the existing appointment. This allows the front-desk staff to combine same-day bookings into one or multiple invoice.
Hint: To book a surprise visit, select the Surprise Visit checkbox in the appointment booking screen and proceed with the next steps.

4. Tap Add Service and select the service the guest requested.

Note: To make changes to the service, based on your guest’s request, tap the edit icon that appears for the service, open the Select Service window, and select another service. 

      The service is added to the appointment and the following options appear:

  1. Add-on 

  2. Provider

  3. Duration

  4. Room

  5. The current day and date of the appointment

  6. Available time slots for the current day

5. (Optional) If the main service has an add-on, +Add-on appears. You can select an add-on, based on the guest preference.
    To know more, read: Zenoti Mobile: Select an Add-on for a Service
6. (Optional) Zenoti, by default, assigns any available provider to the appointment.
If a guest has a preference for a provider, select the guest’s provider preference as follows:
    a. Tap Provider: Any.
        The Select A Provider screen appears.

    b. Select one of the following options: 

  •  Any: This option is selected by default. It means, Zenoti assigns any  
     available provider.

  •  Any Male: If you tap Any Male, Zenoti assigns an available male provider to
     a guest. 

  •  Any Female: If you tap Any Female, Zenoti assigns an available female
     provider to a guest.

  •  Other: If you tap Other, Zenoti assigns a provider as per the guest’s choice.
      Note: To enable the third gender option, ensure the Support third gender for  
      guests and employees setting is ‘On’ at the organization level. You can also
      configure the label for the third gender. For example, if you configure the label
      for the third gender as ‘Other’, the same label appears in this drop-down list. 

  •  Specific provider: If your guest requests for a specific provider, you can
     either tap a provider’s name from the provider’s list or enter a name in the
     search box and then tap to select.
     To learn about the color indication for the provider type selected, read:
     Zenoti Mobile: Color Codes for the Provider Type.

Zenoti assigns the selected provider to a guest and the Duration for the service
Note: Duration appears only if you select Specific Provider.

Hint: If a provider is not working for a specific day, the front-desk staff can visually differentiate if Not Scheduled appears for a provider’s name. Additionally, to see only the providers working for the day, the front-desk staff can select the Only show online stylists scheduled for today checkbox.

7. (Optional) To increase or decrease the service duration, tap Duration, select the  
    required duration and finally tap Done to change the duration.

    For example, in the following image, the service duration is 30 mins, but the
    provider needs more time to perform the service because the guest has long hair,
    hence the provider changes the service duration from 30 mins to 45 mins. 

    Note: You can only view Duration if the organization setting, Change Service Time
    in Appointment (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment
    Book) is set to Allow or Warn. You cannot view if the setting is set to Block

Points to Consider

  • The End time for a service is auto-calculated based on the Service Time configured while creating the service. However, when you change the duration of the service, the End time is adjusted accordingly.
    Example: A service has a duration of 30 mins and it starts at 11.15 am and ends at 11.45 am. When you extend the duration by 15 mins, then the end time is auto-adjusted to 12 pm.

  • When you update the duration and there is a conflict with an appointment, Zenoti displays an alert.
    Example: You want to extend the duration of your appointment, which ends at 11.30 am, by 15 mins; but you already have another appointment at 11.30 am, Zenoti displays an alert that you have another appointment when you try to update the duration. 

  • You cannot update the duration of the service with segments. In this case, the Duration appears non-editable.

8. (Optional) If applicable, select a room for the service and tap Room: Any to    
     select an available room from the Select A Room screen.
     Note: While configuring services in Zenoti, you can map rooms to the services
     so that only the valid rooms can be selected for the service. Learn how to:
     Create Rooms: Associate Services to Rooms.

9. (Optional) Tap Notes to add notes for the guest.
10. (Optional) If the appointment is for a future date, tap the calendar icon and
    then select the date the guest has requested.
    The available time slots for the selected date appears.
    Note: Zenoti selects the current date by default for the appointment.

11. Select a time slot.
     Note: If your provider is double-booked or if a provider is outside of scheduled
     hours, it is visually indicated within the time slots when you book the

     The Appointment confirmation screen appears.

Note: Your business can set up a particular order in which the providers must perform services in an appointment. In such cases, the following alert appears before confirming the appointment. 

12. Tap Confirm Appointment.
     Zenoti books the appointment.

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