You can access your guest’s profile (with appropriate role permissions) to view details related to the guest and make any changes required.
Note: Depending on your permissions, you will see and perform actions in either all or some of the tabs.

Guest Details tab

You need appropriate permissions enabled at the organization level for your roles to view, add, edit, delete, or merge guest information (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Select a role > expand Guest Manager > Guests).

To view guest details

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.

2. Tap the appointment to view the guest details.    

The appointment details screen opens and shows the guests' name and the category to which the guest belongs to (indicated by icons). You can determine if the guest is a new guest, has a membership, or a package.  

Learn more about Guest Categories.   

Note: Only employees (such as the provider) with Show guest last name on Zenoti Mobile permission enabled for their roles at the organization level can view the guest’s last name. This means, employees without required permissions cannot see guest’s last name on the  Appointment Book, Reports, Take Payment, Add more, Invoice screens, and the Loyalty tab. They can see only the guest’s first name. This way you can ensure a guest’s privacy.

3. Tap the name of the guest.
    The Guest Details screen opens and the guest details appear in the following tabs:

  • Profile: Displays general guest information including name, phone, and email address.
    Important: As part of the TCPA compliance, when creating a guest’s profile using Zenoti Mobile, the front desk must take an approval from the guest to receive marketing messages of your business. If the guest approves, enable the Receive Marketing Emails and Receive Marketing SMS settings under Preferences section in the Guest Details screen.
    This allows your business to send messages to your guest’s mobile. To know more, read: Zenoti and TCPA Compliance.

  • Activity: Displays guest's purchase history (service, package, membership, and product).

  • Loyalty Points: Displays loyalty programs available for the guest. You can tap a loyalty program to view its details. 

     Using this tab, you can:
     i) See the type of loyalty programs (Tiered or Regular) and points accrued for the             guest.
     ii) Tap Enroll option to choose the loyalty program of the highest or matching tier
         for the guest using the options, Highest Tier or Applicable Tier.

      When Highest Tier is selected, Enroll Guest screen appears where you need to    
      enter your login credentials, comments, and then tap Enroll.

    Note: You must enable the following to enroll a tiered loyalty program for the guest:
       a) At the organization level, select Tiered loyalty program in Loyalty Points  
          Program Type and Enable direct enrollment to tiers in Qualification Period      
          (Admin > Manage Organization > Organization > Points tab). 

        b) Enable Opt into Loyalty Programs under Preferences in Guest Profile screen.

     iii) Tap Spent Amount to view the total amount used by the guest for a tiered
          loyalty program
      iv) Tap the edit icon to modify the expiration date of the loyalty program for the

          You can expire the loyalty programs using this option for the guest.
          Note: You must have Extend Expiry enabled for your role at organization level
         (Admin Dashboard > Organization > Security Roles > Manage Security Role >               role > Permissions tab > Guest Manager drop-down > Guest section) to edit the
          expiration date. 

  • Forms: Displays the guest forms the guest has submitted.

  • Communications: The notifications sent to the guest.

  • Notes: Displays the notes related to the guest. After you add a note, Zenoti shows Note, Note Type, Added By, Date, and Center.

  • Cards: Displays the card-on-file available for the guest. You can tap Add New Card to add a new card for the guest. 

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