Zenoti provides a number of email and SMS templates to help you send automated notifications to your guests or employees.
You have the option to turn templates on/off and edit their content according to your requirement. 

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have activated email, text, or both email and text message capabilities for your account.
    To do this, go to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General and select the Activate email and Activate text message (SMS) checkboxes as required.

To configure the email/text (SMS) templates

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > click the Email/Texts tab.
    A list of available templates appear. 

  3. Templates are classified into the following categories: appointment, classes,   configuration, employee, guest, inventory, memberships and packages, and mobile/online. Click Edit beside the template name to update it:
    Tip: To know more about a template, read the explanation below the template name.

  4. On the Edit page, you can configure email and text messages:
    Note: Not all templates have the fields described below. For instance, some templates have only an email or SMS option (such as the Standard Prescription template), while others may have both options. Few templates allow you to only modify the HTML content (such as the Gift Card POS template). 

Edit Email

  • Select Turn this automated email on checkbox to activate the email template.

  • To send an email copy (Cc), click Add to include recipients by username,                 employee role, or email.    
    Note: For recipients added by role, all employees mapped to the role in the guest's base center receive the email notification. 

  • Edit the Subject field and use the available macros (at the right-hand side panel) if required.
    Note: A macro is a placeholder text that gets replaced with specific data when inserted into an automated email/text message. Use the below macros to customize emails/text messages to include information such as organization name, guest name, and service name. For example, the [CenterName] macro gets replaced with the actual center’s name.

  • Use the available macros to customize the content for plain text and HTML             emails.
    Tip: Click Full Screen in the editor to edit the text in full-screen mode.
    Depending on the recipient's browser, the email is delivered as plain text (no formatting and images) or HTML text (includes images, links, and formatting).

Edit SMS

  • Select Turn this automated message on checkbox to activate the text message template.

  • Click Add to include recipients by their username, employee role, or phone number.

  • Use the available macros to customize text messages.    
    Important: Messages with more than 160 alphanumeric characters require two or more text (SMS) credits. Messages with one or more Unicode characters             (international/multilingual text characters) require one text credit for every 70         characters.

    5. Click Save.
        The templates are configured.

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