The general setup and setting screens help you to fine-tune and define how you want the Zenoti system to operate at your center.
Changes made here apply to the specific center only and take precedence over the organization level settings.

To find the center setup options

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  3. Select the desired center.

  4. On the Edit Center page, there are multiple tabs that appear.
    Each tab provides various options or settings.
    The following is a brief description of each tab. Click the appropriate tab based on your requirement:

  • General: View or update your center's business information such as physical address, contact details, currency, and logo. Learn more: Update General Center Details

  • Hours: Define the operational hours, holidays (or non-working days), and off peak hours of the center.
    Learn more: How can I edit my center's operating hours?

  • Tax Groups: Associate tax groups with various items at your center such as services, classes, products, memberships, packages, gift cards, and inventory.
    Learn more: Associate Tax Groups to Various Items in a Center

  • Targets: Define center level targets for the month for each items' sale and revenue. The center level Admin dashboard will show the actual sales and revenue of the center with respect to these targets.

  • Settings: Allows you to review and manage a series of settings that apply to your center. These settings override the organization level settings. The settings include alerts setup, Appointment Book and POS display, employee schedule, and more. 

  • Catalog: Configure the look and feel, content, and online booking settings for your Webstore.  

  • Alerts: Define different alert rules for each center. However, this action at the center level overrides the default organization level alert definition.
    Learn more: Activate and Define Employee Alerts for your Center

  • Payment: Integrate various payment processors with Zenoti.
    Learn more: Set Up Zenoti Payments

  • Accounting: Select integration with accounting software, Tally or Quickbooks. Here you can define how you want the various transaction fields (or Tally/Quickbooks account names) to appear when you export them.

  • Integrations: Integrate a supported application with Zenoti. 

Important: Click Save after you make an update to a setting.

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