The general setup and setting screens help you to fine-tune and define how your Zenoti system operates. 

This article lists and explains the options available for your organization.  

To find the organization setup options

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. On the Edit Organization page, there are multiple tabs that appear.
    Each tab provides various options or settings.
    The following is a brief description of each tab. Click the appropriate tab based on your requirement:

  • General: View or update your organization's business information such as physical address, contact details, currency, and logo.
    Learn more: Update General Organization Details

  • Payment: Define what payment options can be used across your organization. Tip: Only those payment options that you enable for your organization will show up as valid payment types in the Point of Sale (POS) window.
    Learn more: Define Payment Types

  • Email/Texts: Enable or disable and customize the email or SMS template notifications for your organization.
    Learn more: Configure Email or SMS Template Notifications

  • Settings: Allows you to review and manage a series of high-level settings that apply to your organization. These settings include auto email setup, Appointment Book and POS setup, work schedule setup, biometric device setup for employee check-in and checkout, and more.
    Any changes made on the organization settings page impact all the centers of the organization.
    Learn more: Manage Organization Settings

  • Points: Set up a loyalty program to reward your guests for their spending. Here you can define, view, and redeem loyalty points accrued through the loyalty program.
    Learn more: Types of Loyalty Programs in Zenoti

  • Alerts: Activate specific alerts for various actions performed by staff members or get reminded of tasks that need attention.
    Learn more: Activate and Define Employee Alerts for your Organization

  • Catalog: Configure the look and feel, content, and online booking settings for your Webstore.  

  • Accounting: Select integration with accounting software, Tally or Quickbooks. Here you can define how you want the various transaction fields (or Tally/Quickbooks account names) to appear when you export them.

  • Integrations: Integrate a supported application with Zenoti. For example, you can integrate Okta with Zenoti.

  • Reports: Enable the reports that are relevant for your organization and hide the remaining reports from the User Interface (UI).
    Learn more: Enable or Disable Reports

Important: Click Save after you make an update to a setting.

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