As your business grows, it is a best practice to enforce some end of day accounting routines.
An important part of this routine is to enforce register closure for each business day. Basically, this means that you close the cash register at the end of each day after reconciling the receipts and balancing the cash register.
This helps to identify and address discrepancies in the day’s collections and ensures reliable accounting records. This way, you have an accurate picture of your finances.  

Why edit or add closing payments for a past date?

Once the front office closes payments from the Appointment Book, they cannot make any further changes to the entries. However, at times, the front office may miss out on closing the register because of various reasons such as:

  • Front desk clears invoices quickly to handle extra rush of guests.
    To cope with the extra rush, the front desk clears invoices using the Cash option, while in reality, some guests paid by other methods such as credit card. This means that the accounts need to be reconciled as soon as possible. 

  • Front desk forgot to account for some money that was set aside for petty cash 

  • There was a power or an internet outage in the center at the end of the day (therefore, the data must be fed back into the application at a later date)

  • Front desk just forgot to close payments for the day

In such cases, it is critical to be able to go back to a past date and make the necessary updates so as to reconcile the accounts.  

How to edit or add closing payments for a past date?

Based on the action you need to perform, click one of the following links:

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