Before you begin

  1. Enable prescriptions at the organization and center

  2. Enable the Standard Prescription Email Template 

You can create and print a prescription from the Appointment Book. You may either enter a custom prescription for a client or use a prescription that has been pre-defined in the system. You may include one or many items in a single prescription.  

To print a prescription

  1. Ensure that you are in the Appointment Book.

  2. Click the guest's appointment block, and select Enter Prescription Data from the context menu.

  3. In the Doctor field, select the name of the doctor or the specialist the prescription is assigned to.
    Note: You will only be able to select a doctor’s name if the Enable Prescription Signing check box is selected in center settings.

  4. Enter the appropriate Diagnosis information.

  5. In the Prescriptions section, you can either:

  • Enter the Prescribed Item Name, Dosage and Instructions.

  • Enter the Prescribed Item Name.
    If the name has already been created in a prescription template, the Prescribed Item Name will auto-populate for you.

    6. Click Add.
        The item is added to a table.

    7. Add additional prescribed items as needed.

    8. If you have pre-defined prescription sets, you can select the
        appropriate prescription set from the drop-down field or, select from
        an existing prescription set.

    9. Click Select.  
        The items in the prescription set are added.
        Tip: If you create a prescription set that you would like to save for
        future use, enter a
Prescription Set Name in the Save these
        prescriptions as a Prescription Set
field and click Create.

  10. In the investigations section, enter in the Investigation Name field
       any tests that the client needs to have done, and click Add.

  11.  In Notes field, add any relevant comments.

  12. In the Ship to name field add the name of the person.

  13. In the Shipping Instructions field add the shipping address.
       Note: The Ship to name and Shipping Instructions fields will only
       appear if the setting to sign prescriptions is turned on at the center

  14. In the Status field, the status will be displayed.
       Each prescription will now have “Created”, “Assigned” or “Signed”
       status depending on whether it has been newly created, assigned to a
       doctor or has been signed.

  15. Click Print to print the prescription.
        In case you turned the Standard Prescription template on at the
        organization level, the prescription will be printed with the default
        format provided in the template and not how it appears on the screen.
        This default format of the printed prescription can be changed in the
        Standard Prescription template at the organization level.

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