Your basic organization details are added when you set up Zenoti such as the physical address, contact details, currency, and logo.
An owner can anytime update these details as required.

To update the organization's business details

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.
    Note: You cannot modify the Organization name and Account name. Contact Zenoti Support if you want to edit these.

  3. Update the following:

  • Brand Name: Enter a name that you want to display in email and text messages they send out to your guests.
    Important: As per Govt. of India, this is mandatory only for businesses operating in India.

  • Email: Enter the email address for your organization. 

  • Address details (Address 1, Address 2, City, Country, State, Pin code): Enter your organization's address in these fields.

  • Culture: Select language.

  • Currency: Select the currency used at your organization. 

  • Organization logo: Click Upload to add a new logo. The logo appears on invoice and receipts.

  • Optional Fields (Optional Field 1 to Optional Field 10): Use Optional fields to add more information such as a link to your new FB post with announcements, or a new launch. You can add these optional fields as macros (custom macro 1, custom macro 2, and so on up to custom macro 10 corresponding to each optional field) to your transactional and marketing messages (SMS and Email) to communicate the information to your guests.
    If the optional fields are blank, custom macros do not show up in the macros list in the email/text notification templates. However, if you have added text in the optional fields, used the macros in the notification template, and later deleted the content, the notification template shows [CustomMacro] string in the mails sent to the guests. Hence, ensure that you delete the macro from the notification template body text, if you have deleted the content from the optional fields.
    Note: Optional Fields are available for centers too (Admin > Organization > Center > General tab).
    Important: The custom macros corresponding to the optional fields are same for organization as well as a center. Centers have the ability to override the information in an optional field. To know how your centers can override organization’s optional field, refer to the animated GIF in the article: Update general center business details.
    When there is information in an optional field at both center and organization, Zenoti picks the information in the Optional Field of center.
    For example, assume South Granville center has included directions to their center in Optional Field 1 and you have added a link to your new launch announcement in Optional Field 1 for the Organization. Optional Field 1 in center as well as organization use the same macro: custom macro1. If in an email template, you have referred to custom macro 1, Zenoti  picks the info from Optional Field 1 of center and shows in the email.

4. Click Save.
    The organization details are saved.

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