You can encourage guests to view package benefits and directly book the custom package from the Webstore or customer mobile application (CMA) using the Catalog tab while creating custom package templates.  

To upload details of the custom package template

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.  

  2. Go to Resources > Packages

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter General information for the custom package template.

  5. Enter Service details for the custom package template.

  6. Enter Product details for the custom package template.

  7. Add Discounts for services not part of the custom package template.

  8. Specify Centers where you want the custom package template to be available.

  9. Associate Forms to the custom package template.

  10. Do the following in the Catalog tab:

    1. Click Browse to upload a photo that will display with the package details on the Webstore and in the mobile apps.
      Note: The image dimensions must be 800x800 pixels in JPG, JPEG or PNG format.

    2. Show in Webstore and mobile app: Select this checkbox so that details of this package appear in the Webstore and in the mobile apps. 

    3. Display name: Enter a display name for the custom package template. 

    4. Display price: Enter a display price for the custom package template.

    5. Display order: Enter a display order for the custom package template. Enter the order in which this particular custom package must display among others in the Webstore.
      Note: If you enter a number here, say “1”, then this custom package template will display first among all other packages.

    6. Show price: Select this checkbox if you want the price to be visible to guests.
      Note: Any amount entered in the Display Price field, takes priority over the price entered in the price tab.

    7. YouTube Video ID: Enter the YouTube Video ID in case you want to link a YouTube video to the package.

    8. Page Title: Enter the title of the page on the Webstore or in the mobile apps where you want the package details to appear. 

    9. Meta Keywords: Enter relevant keywords for the package; this helps in search.

    10. Meta Description: Enter a description for the package. These descriptions appear on result pages when you use a Search engine and thereby help people understand about the custom package template.

    11. Click Save.
        When guests browse the Webstore or their mobile app, they can view these                 package details. 

Previous step: Associate forms to the custom package template 

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