To set up a custom package template so that the front desk may use these templates to customize packages for guests, you need to enter product related details. 

To enter product details for a custom package template

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Packages

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter General information for the custom package template.

  4. Enter Service details for the custom package template.

  5. Enter the following information under the Products tab:
    Find Products by: Search for products by Category, Product Name, or Tag.
    Depending on your choice, Zenoti provides further settings for you to configure. 

  • Free Products: For instance, if you select Category, then you get further options to specify the Category (name), Subcategory (name), and details of the Quantity (Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity).
    If you select Products, then you can start entering the names of free products and the number of units of these free products. For example, if you enter a product such as a body oil of say 1 unit or quantity, it means the cost of this product (of 1 unit) is part of the package cost - guests need not pay for this product (for the quantity specified) separately.
    You can also specify Discounts for products that you configure under this section - this is a good way to boost sales of retail products. You can configure these discounts as either a flat amount or a percentage value. For example, if a custom package template includes 10 units of a hair serum, you can define a 7% discount if guests buy 4-6 units and 10% discount if they buy 7-10 units. 

  • Bundled Products: Enter the names of bundled products and the number of units of these bundled products. Guests pay separately for bundled products. For example, if you specify a product such as a massage oil of 4 units as a bundled product, it means that the guest has to pay for this product separately. This cost is over and above the cost of the package itself. 

       7. Click Add.
           The details of the free products and bundled products                appear in the respective sections. For free products, you            can further specify whether the product is  Mandatory.               This means that when the front desk sells a custom                      package based on this template, the mandatory product             is part of the package.
           Note: If you choose to Find Products by Category (say Body Services) in the                  previous step in the Free Products section, then the corresponding                                subcategory name (say, Body Lotions) appears in the bottom section of the                    Free Products panel. You can click this subcategory name (Body Lotions) to                    view the associated products (such as Aloe Vera Body Lotion, Herbal Body                    Lotion).
       8. Click Save.

Next step: Add Discounts  on services that are not part of the custom package template
Previous step: Enter Service details for the custom package template

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