You can set up series templates as a series of services and sittings (or sessions) to help guests meet their individual wellness targets. 

In Zenoti, this is a two-step process:

Step 1

The administrator sets up series templates with details about different services and the number of sittings (sessions) required.

For example, you could have three different templates for weight loss programs. One template that has a target of 5 kg - 7 kg weight loss goal, one template that has a target of 8 kg - 10 kg weight loss goal, and one more template that has a weight loss goal of 11 kg - 15 kg. For each template, you can specify the relevant number of services and sittings (or sessions). 

Step 2

The front-desk staff then creates the actual custom packages using one of these series templates and sells them to guests.

For example, if a guest has a weight loss goal of 11- 15 kg, the receptionist simply uses the appropriate template to create a custom package for the guest and charges the guest accordingly.  
Note: The front-desk staff can create packages not based on templates too. 

Important: Organizational level settings control whether the front-desk staff can use templates or not to sell custom packages. You can configure organization level settings for packages from Admin > Organizations > Settings > Packages.  

To set up series templates

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Go to Resources > Packages

  3. Click Add Series Template.

  4. Enter General information for the custom package template. 

  5. Enter Service details for the custom package template.

  6. Enter Product details that are part of the custom package template. 

  7. Add Discounts for services not part of the package.

  8. Specify the centers where you want the custom package (template) to be available, with details of costs.

  9. Associate Forms to the custom package template.

  10. Upload details to the Catalog so that guests can view and buy the custom packages from the Webstore and customer mobile app .

  11. Click Save.
    The series template is now available for the front-desk staff; they can use this template to create customized packages for guests based on their individual needs. 

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