The bulk check out option helps you track inventory by scanning multiple product barcodes in one go. Instead of checking out every product individually, scanning and checking out all products at once expedites the checkout process and saves time. This is especially useful for centers that sell or utilize products in large volumes on any given day. 

Important: If your business signed up with Zenoti after the April 2020 release, the Checkout process has the following changes:

  1. No retail checkouts - as checkouts are required only for consumption in services. Thus, the Checkout for consumption option is also not available.

  2. The Manual checkout for consumption when checking out from store to floor setting is enabled by default, but not available in the UI (user interface).

To bulk check out products

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.

  2. Based on whether you are checking out retail or consumable products, select one of the following:

  • Inventory > Stock Levels > Retail > Check Out
    : In case you’ve signed up with Zenoti after the April 2020 release, you can only check out consumables - you will not see the Check Out option for Retail.

  • Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Check Out

   3. Select the Bulk Check Out tab.       

Important: In case you’ve signed up with Zenoti after the April 2020 release, you can see the following page when you click the Bulk Checkout tab:

here, Qty is the total checkout quantity of a product.

4. Enter the product code or scan the product barcode.
    Each time you scan the product, the checkout quantity for that product increases          by one.

5. Enter any additional notes you may want to record for the checkouts.

6. Click Add.
    An entry is added for the product in the Products section.   

You can also see the quantity of the product in stock, the total quantity of the checkout, and the number of products that are out of stock, if any.

In case your business allows checkout even if a product is out of stock, you can continue with the check out. However, it such checkouts are restricted, you must first add the stock for the product or remove the product from checkout.

7. If you want to check out more products, repeat steps 4 to 6 for each product.

8. If you want to remove a product from checkout, click the corresponding delete             button.
9. After you are done adding the products for checkout, click Finish.
    The bulk check out is done successfully.

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