Appointment Book

Following Features of Appointment Book are available in Zenoti Mobile:

  1. Ability to search for a guest to book an appointment (Available from booking wizard, POS and Guest section)
  2. Booking wizard
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Ability to change the current working center (Available from Settings screen)
  5. Ability to allow selecting cash register
  6. List view of appointments
  7. Ability to book for a single guest
  8. Ability to book services with segments

Booking  Wizard

  1. Ability to do Double-booking for Therapists at Org level
  2. Get alert when double-booking guests at Org level
  3. Ability to book appointment Outside Therapist Schedule Hours - at Org level
  4. Center level: Enforce room selection for every service
  5. Center level: Enable therapist room assignments 
  6. Center level: Override booking restrictions  

Org Settings

  1. Guest receives Confirmation for appointment booked from Mobile

Appointment Block - View in Zenoti Mobile

  1. Appointment block on Zenoti mobile shows, Service name, First Name, Last Name and Start Time.
  2.  Guest Indicator icons shown on Appointment block are - High Spender, Regular Client, Member, Expired membership, Suspended membership, New client, and 'Not-recent client'.

Visual Elements of Appointment

  1. Shows Following statuses of appointments: Booked, Confirmed, Checked in, Closed, Recurring, Rebooked, Start, and Completed. 

Guest details shown in bottom panel of Appointment Book

  1. Guest First Name, Last Name 
  2. Link to Guest History

Service Details shown in bottom panel of Appointment Book

  1. Service name, Therapist name, Room, Start time, End time, ability to add note and take payment

Actions that can be performed on an Appointment Block

  1. Show services in appointment
  2. View client history
  3. Change status to Confirmed, check-in, Start, Complete, Cancel, and No-show
  4. Rebook appointment

Note: You can also add or delete services when you are rebooking an appointment.

    5. Take Payment

    6. Enter Service custom data

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