Sometimes, you may have to change the room, the provider or add a new service to an existing appointment. If you have necessary permissions, you can make necessary changes to the existing appointments.

To modify an appointment

  1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
  2. Select an Appointment.
    The Appointment details screen appears. 
  3. Tap Edit in the right hand top-most corner.

       Appointment opens in the Edit mode.
   4. You can modify the following information:
        a. Therapist: To change the provider, tap the name of the provider.
            The Select a Therapist screen appears. Search and select a therapist from
            the list.
        b. Room: To change the room, tap the name of the room.
            The Select a Room screen appears. Select a room from the list.
        c. Change the Slot: When you open an appointment in Edit mode, the time of
            appointment you previously booked is lost. You must re-select the time slot
            of appointment. If guest prefers, you can choose a different date and time
            as well.
            Note: Zenoti shows date and time of previously booked slot. You can use
            this as a reference to select a time slot for the modified appointment.

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