You can use the Zenoti Mobile app to create a new appointment.
Note: If you do not have the required permissions, you will not be able to add a new appointment.
If you have the permissions to create a new appointment and you actually create an appointment from the Zenoti Mobile app, Zenoti automatically assigns the appointment to you. However, to create an appointment and assign the appointment to another provider, you need to have additional permissions.  

To add a new appointment:

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.

2. Tap the Plus sign.

     Select a Client screen opens.   

3. Search for and select an existing guest, or click the Plus sign to add a new guest.
    (appears only if you have the required permissions).

4. Select the desired service, date, time, and finally click Confirm Appointment.
    The appointment now appears in the Appointment Book.

Note: If the service has a room assigned, the room details appear on the appointment block.

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