Customer retention is the ability of a company to retain its customers over a period of time. As a business owner, you can use this dashboard to understand customer behavior in terms of how often they return to your centers after their first visit. 

The reason why customer retention is important is that it is your existing customers who are more likely to sustain your business. Moreover, it takes more money, time, and effort to try and acquire a new or potential customer. 


The Retention Percentage dashboard has the following filters: 

  • Start Date, End Date: Use these filters to specify the date range to track details regarding appointment time at your centers. For example, which day of the week and which time of the day do guests prefer for appointments. Note: These filters apply to all the charts.
  • Retention (in Days): Use this option to specify the Retention period in days such as 30, 60, 90 days. 
  • Zone Name: Use this option to filter all the charts based on the Zone you select.
  • Centre Name: Use this option to filter all the charts by the Center you select.
  • Guest Gender: Use this option to filter all the charts by Male, Female, or Not Applicable or All guests respectively. 
  • Guest Type: Use this filter to specify the Guest Type such as Existing Guest, New Guest, or All. 
  • Is Member: Use this filter to specify whether you want to see data only about guests who are members. 
  • Service Category: Use this option to filter based on service category. For example, if you choose hair services as the business unit earlier, you can further filter down to services such as hair spa, hair treatments, and hair replacements.
  • Service Name: Use this option to filter based on name of the service - for example hair color. 

Months between Visits 

The heat map focuses on when (in how many months) customers came back after visiting in a given month. For example, in July 2018, if 2500 customers came in, it represents the 100% column. Of these 2500 customers, x% came back in 0-30 days (0-1 month), y% came back in 60-90 days (1-2 months). The most important of these numbers is perhaps the percentage of customers who have Not Returned at all. 

Retention Percent (Retention%)

This line graph provides information about how many customers who came in a give month came back within 45 days,60 days, 90 days. You can scroll horizontally to understand what each of the lines represent. 

Retention YoY

This dashboard provides details of how the year looks like in terms of the retention bucket on average for the year compared to the other years based on the date range you select.

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