Campaigns allow you to offer discounts, cashback, or loyalty points on invoices to guests and can also be used to send personalized marketing offers to guests directly in the form of SMS or Emails. 

You can judge the effectiveness of the campaigns you run using this dashboard. 


The Campaign Effectiveness dashboard has the following filters:

  • Start Date, End Date: Use these filters to specify the date range to track campaign effectiveness at your centers. 


Campaign Effectiveness

The Campaign Effectiveness dashboard offers insights into campaigns you have run in the selected time period. Seeing the numbers on the dashboard you can make decisions around which campaigns you can relaunch - these are campaigns that have helped you get more guest inflows. For campaigns that did not fetch you the desired results, you can analyse reasons behind it and then think about ways to either make them more effective, or to launch newer campaigns to attract business.  

The dashboard gives you a complete picture of how your campaigns have fared based on various criteria. The following section describes the Columns you see in the dashboard. 

  • Campaign Name: The name of the campaign that your business ran. 
  • Total Customers: The number of guests who took the discount or offer in the campaign. 
  • Did Customers Come Back: Shows the number of guests who actually took the discount or campaign out of the total number of guests who were sent the campaign. 
  • Conversion Rate: Shows the conversion rate (in percentage). Conversion rate = (Did customers come back)/(Total Customers)
  • Discount Applied: Shows the total value (say, $ value) of discount given.
  • Discount per Customer: Shows the discount that your business gave to each guest during the selected time period. Discount per customer = (Total $ value of discount given)/(Total Customers)
  • Visits Post Taking Campaigns: This number indicates the number of times guests have visited your business after the first time they made use of a campaign discount or offer. 
  • Spend Post Taking Campaigns: This number indicates how much guests have spent (that is, the Sale price) after the first time they made use of a campaign discount or offer.
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