Zenoti's Analytics Express offering has a series of dashboards that you can use to guide you business decisions. You can use the available metrics and filters in each dashboard to get not just insights into your business but also to make a creative impact on it. 

Important: Data in Analytics Express is synced every night. This means, if you check any of the  dashboards in the middle of your business day, the data you see is accurate as of the previous day. This also means that if you want to see today’s data, you have to wait till the next morning. 


You can use the top pane to take quick actions and customize Analytics Express to suit your needs.  See screenshot for reference. 

Take Quick Actions
You can use the top pane to take quick actions and customize Analytics Express to suit your needs.

  • Create your own Views: You can easily customize the data you wish to see in the dashboards using the View option. You must provide a name for the new Views you create; you can even specify whether you want that view to be your default view. Click the View icon for this. 
  • Set up Alerts: You can set up alerts so that Zenoti Analytics sends you emails when a dashboard reaches a particular threshold limit. Click the Alerts icon for this. 
  • Subscribe to Automated Emails: You can send emails of dashboards and set up a schedule around when you want to receive these emails (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). Click the Subscribe icon for this. 
  • Share Dashboards/Views: You can share information of these dashboards using the Share option. Click the Share icon for this. 
  • Download Data into Other Formats: You can download data into other formats such as text files, Crosstab (Excel), and PDF. Click the Download icon for this. 
  • Fullscreen: We recommend you view all the dashboards in full screen as all dashboards have a strong visual element. Click the Fullscreen icon for this.

Work Effectively with Filters
You will find a series of filters on the right pane of your dashboards. You can use the these filters effectively based on your need. See screenshot for reference. 

  • Specify a date range for the data: Using the Start and End date filters you can view data for a date range specific to your needs. 
  • Compare performance of centers and zones: Using the Center and Zone filter, you can compare and contrast the performance of your centers and zones, month on month. 
  • View data by gender, spend category, and item type: You can get a sense of various dimensions of your business by sorting your data based on gender, spend category (high spender, low spender), 
  • Assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and memberships: You can assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and memberships using the various dashboards. 

Switch between Month, Year, Quarter, Week, or Day view for your data: By default, Analytics Express shows data in the Month View for all line graphs. However, you can view data by Year, Quarter, Week, or Day too, assuming your date range (Start and End Date filters) extends to a year.  
You can view data by Year, Quarter, Week, or Day using the plus (+) or minus (-) signs available on hover, on the bottom left corner of your line graphs.
Note: Some line graphs show data only by Month and Year. In such cases, you may not see the minus (-) sign. 

This article covers the following dashboards:

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