Zenoti supports creating add-ons for services. Add-ons cannot be booked directly, but added to some services, packages, and memberships.
If you assign an add-on to a service, the front desk is prompted to add an add-on service at the time of booking an appointment for the service.  

To assign an add-on to a service:

  1. If not already on the Create Service window, navigate to Admin > Resources > Services > Click Add for a new service or click an existing service from the list to edit its details.
  2. Enter General Details and click Next.
    The Pricing section opens.
  3. Enter Pricing Information and click Next.
    The Products section opens.
  4. Select Products and click Next.
    The Resources section opens.
  5. Select Resources and click Next.
    The Custom section opens.
  6. Select Custom Fields and click Next.
    The Catalog section opens.
  7.  Configure Online Catalog and click Next.
    The Variants section opens.
  8. Select Variants and click Next.
    The Related section opens.
  9. Select Related Services and click Next.
    The Add-Ons section opens.
  10. Complete the fields in the Add-Ons section as follows:
  • Service: Start typing the name of the add-on that you want to add, and select it from the list of suggestions that the system shows.
    If you do not see the add-on in the list, create the add-on in Zenoti before you can assign it to the service.
    Add-on is created just like the regular services, and by selecting the This service is an Add-on checkbox in the General tab. 
  • Add: Click Add. The add-on that you select displays below.
    Repeat the same steps to add another add-on.
    To remove an add-on, click the close icon next to it.

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