Add-ons are services that are offered along with other services, but cannot be booked as a separate service. They are usually performed within the scheduled service time, without extending it. Guests are charged for the add-on services, and you can pay commissions to employees on the add-ons.

You need to create add-ons in Zenoti before you can assign it to a service. Add-ons are created just like the regular services, by selecting the This service is an Add-on checkbox in the General tab of the Create or Modify Service screens. To learn more, read: Create a Service.

To assign an add-on to a service:

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Resources > Services > click the name of a service you want to edit.
    The Edit Service window opens. 
  3. Click the Add-Ons tab. 
  4. In the Service box, start typing the name of an add-on, and select the matching name from the list of suggestions that the application shows. 
  5. Click Add.
    The add-on that you select displays below.

If you want to include more add-ons, repeat the same steps. To remove an add-on, click the red cross icon next to it.

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