This document includes planned enhancements for the January upgrade. Owing to the agile nature of our development process, some enhancements may be dropped or added to the month’s release. The final upgrade announcement is posted to the Zenoti blog just before the upgrade, which is scheduled for the end of the month. Minor enhancements are published to the What’s New document (available on the Support site).

Appointment Book

Improve Provider Utilization During Client Processing Times 

With this upgrade, you can assign new appointments to a provider, while their client is in ‘processing’.

Example: Brenda, a provider at your center, has a blow dry service of 30 minutes at 11:00 AM. If Clara, a guest, calls in to book a 10:30 AM appointment for a hair coloring service that consists of 3 segments of 30 minutes each, then:
Currently: Your front desk does not see Brenda in the available providers' list, as Brenda has an overlapping appointment.
After Upgrade: As Brenda's 11:00 AM blow-dry appointment coincides only with the processing time of the coloring service, your front desk will see Brenda as an available provider and can choose to assign the service to her. 

Configure a Duration for Add-ons

Currently, when you book a service with add-ons (from the bottom panel of the Appointment Book or online from the Webstore), Zenoti does not change the service time and assumes the add-on is performed within the duration of the service. This may result in inaccuracies in the appointment durations as some add-ons may require 10-15 minutes of additional time. 

To resolve this issue, after this upgrade with the necessary organizational level settings, you can configure add-ons with additional service time. In such cases, the appointment duration shows the service time plus the duration of the add-on. For example, if a guest books a manicure (30 mins) with a gel removal add-on (15 mins), Zenoti books the appointment for 45 minutes. 


Enhancements to Package Refunds

Businesses that offer high-cost series packages or those that stretch over a long period of time often offer flexible payment and refund terms. Currently, when you refund a package, you are able to refund an amount equal to the balance remaining on the package.

With this upgrade, with the relevant settings enabled and role permissions, you will be able to refund an amount that exceeds the current package balance. You can process such refunds for invoices that are fully paid (closed invoices). 

Consider this example. A regular guest purchases a newly-introduced slimming package for $500 and after utilizing $200 worth of services, decides the treatment is not working and requests a full refund. You can now refund more than the balance of $300 and refund any custom amount. 


Assign a Provider for a Service Add-On

Currently, if a guest requests an add-on, the provider you select for the main service, by default, is also the provider for the add-on. However, Zenoti does not verify if the selected provider is qualified to perform the add-on. 

This can be an issue if the add-on, like cupping therapy, requires a certification.

With this upgrade, when booking a service with an add-on, Zenoti will show only providers who are eligible to perform both, the service and the add-on.

Note: This enhancement is supported only when booking from the bottom panel of the Appointment Book, and not supported via the Booking Wizard. 


Recurring Memberships: Block the Rollover of Service Credits

Currently, you cannot block the rollover of service credits of a recurring membership. A guest can redeem the accrued service credits anytime until the membership expires.

This may be counterproductive in cases where guests accumulate many service credits and demand services during your busy days or demand services at intervals that are not advisable. For example, an electromagnetic therapy requires a guest to come in for sessions at 15-day intervals. If a guest has two unused service credits from the previous month, then the guest may want to take 4 sessions during the current month which is not advisable. 

After this upgrade, Zenoti will allow you to set expiry for service credits in recurring memberships. For example, for electromagnetic therapy, you can set the expiry of service credits as 1 month. This means that the guest must take the sessions within 1 month of accrual, else risk expiry of the service credits. 

Recurring Memberships: Recognize Membership Balances of Expired Memberships as Revenue

Earlier, Zenoti recognized the membership balance of an expired membership as revenue, only if the membership was a non-recurring membership.

In the upcoming upgrade, we are introducing a new organization level setting that will allow you to specify if you want to recognize the membership balances of expired recurring memberships as revenue as well. 

More Flexibility in Defining the Redemption Frequency of Service Credits 

Currently, for memberships (both recurring and non-recurring), you can select the redemption frequency from a list of predefined values in weeks or months, but not in days.

After the upgrade, you can specify a redemption frequency of your choice based on either weeks, months, or days.

For example, currently, for a service in a membership, you can set the frequency to Monthly. After the upgrade, you can choose to specify frequency as 21 days.

Zenoti Mobile

Track Consumable (Professional) Products on Zenoti Mobile (Android)

Currently, if you want to track professional product consumption, the provider informs the front desk of the products and quantity used, who then updates Zenoti. 

After this upgrade, with the relevant settings and permissions, your service providers can enter product consumption directly via the Zenoti mobile app.

Capture Guest Signature for Memberships on Digital Forms (iOS)

Currently, after the sale of a membership on Zenoti, if you need the guest’s signature on a consent or agreement form, you have to take a printout and then capture the guest's signature.
After this upgrade, you can capture the guest’s signature directly on Zenoti Mobile, right after the sale of the membership.

Drill-Downs in Sales Report (iOS)

Currently, the Sales Report in the Dashboard shows only the sales amount. You do not have a way to reconcile the reported sales amount.
In this upgrade, we are introducing drill-downs that show you invoice-level details such as service or product name, price, and discount. Using these details, you can easily reconcile the reported sales amount.

Online Booking 

Group Booking on Webstore

Currently, your Webstore does not have an option for group booking. With this upgrade, you can choose to allow your guests to make a group booking (for up to 6 guests) for a single service. 

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