Zenoti Webstore allows you to customize the look and feel of your Webstore according to your business requirements. You can add a backdrop image, show a default banner and also show a default preview image. This can be done by pasting the image URLs in the required fields. 

You can generate image URLs by uploading images onto the Image Gallery.

  To upload an image to Image Gallery

           1. Ensure that you are the Organizational level.
           2. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Image Gallery.
               The Image Gallery opens.
           3. Click Add.
               The Upload File pop-up will open.
           4. Click Select.

                A new window to select a file opens.

            5. Select an Image file and click Open.
                The Image is uploaded and a URL is generated.

            6. Copy the generated image URL.
            7. Paste the URL in the required location. 

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