1.  On the main menu, click the Marketing tab.

2. On the Marketing Dashboard, click Segmentation > Target Segments.

3. On the Manage Target Segments window, click Add to open the
    Create a New Segment window. 

4. At the bottom of the window, select Create Custom Segment, and then
    click Create

5. Enter a name and description for the custom target segment and then click
to open the set up page. 

6. Select the rule to be based on Demographic, Gender and All.

7. Click Add Rule.
    The rule is added.

8. Click Guest Count.
    The number of guests fulfilling the criteria is displayed.  

9. Click Save.
    The target segment is saved and you are returned to the Manage Target Segments
10. Click Export against the target segment you just created.
      The guest details including email addresses and phone numbers are

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