In this article, you will learn about the hardware requirements and the configurations that you must set up in Zenoti, before using the Queue.

Required Configurations

Ensure you set the following at the organization level:

Appointment Time Slots: Ensure that you set the appointment time slots in the Webstore V1 settings. The booking intervals and the time slots for your guests to book the services are based on the Appointment Time Slots setting in the Webstore V1 Settings. 

To set the appointment time slots

1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
2. Navigate to Admin > Organizations > Catalog > Classic Template > Go To Settings.
   The Classic Template Settings opens.
3. Expand Online Booking settings.
4. Locate Appointment Time Slots setting.
5. Select the Appointment Time Slot from the drop-down.
   The selected time slots will be honored in the Queue and Guest Kiosk.

Ensure you set the following at the center level:

  • Center Start Time and End Time: Ensure that Center Start Time and Center End Time settings are set for the center.

        Learn how to set up the center’ timings.

  • Employee Schedules: Ensure that you have employee schedules set as per the timings of the center. 

       Learn how to set up an employee schedule.

  • Employee Catalog: Ensure that you have set up Catalog for the employees providing services to walk-in guests.

       Learn how to enable catalog for the employees.

  • Display Price: Ensure Catalog and Display Price are set for the services that guests can select on the Kiosk.

       Learn how to configure an online catalog for services.

You will also be required to use the Kiosk in order to allow your guests to book new services or check in to existing appointments. 

Hardware Requirements for Kiosk:

  • Device: Apple iPad 2018 with 9.7” screen size or higher.
  • OS: iOS 11.2.6 or higher.

   Important: You cannot run Kiosk on an iPad Mini.

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