If you are a business with a lot of walk-in guests, you can use Queue to manage and monitor your guests and their services.
When you set up Queue, your walk-in guests can add themselves to a virtual queue on Guest Kiosk and get to know an estimated wait time for their service.
Your staff manages the queue and updates the status as and when service begins or ends. After the service is complete the guests make a payment that is captured in Zenoti.

Here is how Queue works

To set up the Queue

  1. Review the hardware requirements and make the required configurations
  2. Enable Queue and Guest Kiosk at the organization level
  3. Enable and Configure Queue at the center level
  4. Enable and Configure Guest Kiosk at the center level      

After you set up Queue, your guests can use Guest Kiosk to:

  • Book a Service and optionally select a provider
  • View the current position in the queue along with the estimated wait time for service to begin
  • Check-in as a group

Using the Queue in Zenoti, your staff can Manage and Monitor Queue:

  • View guests in the virtual queue
  • Mark a guest No Show
  • Skip the current guest and select the next available guest
  • Take payment in advance
  • Change the provider for a service
  • Add additional services
  • Mark a service as Start for a guest
  • Check out a guest and take payment
  • Check out a group and take payment

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