You can unbundle the product kits in your store or floor and sell them as individual retail products. For example, if a product bundle has 2 bottles of Melon Face Wash, you can unbundle the product kit and sell the Melon Face Wash as individual product. Unbundling impacts the current stock quantity of store or floor, based on where you select the products from.

If you unbundle the products in store, the current stock quantity (in store) of the individual product increases and the quantity of the product kit decreases. The same applies to the products existing in floor.

To unbundle the existing products

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Retail > Product Kit.
    The Product Kit Management page appears.

    2. In the Name or Code or Barcode field, scan the physical quantity of the product
        or enter the product name or code.
        For example, if you scan the barcode of Green Tea Shampoo, the product name
        appears in the Product Kit field.
    3. In the Stock field, select Store if you want to unbundle the products existing in
        Store or select Floor.
    4. In the Qty field, enter the number of product kits you want to unbundle.
        For examples, if you enter 2 in the Qty field, two bottles of Green Tea Shampoo
        will be added to the bundle.
    5. In the Employee field, select the employees name who is unbundling the
    6. In the Notes field, enter the required notes.
    7. Click Unbundle.

       The following take place:
        - Products are unbundled and they exist as single products.
        - The current stock quantity of the individual product increases and the quantity
          of the product kit decreases.

          Note: You can continue to unbundle the product kits if the physical stock is
          available in floor or store even if the current stock is not reflecting it.  

          Example: You have 5 Valentine’s Day product bundles on floor with 1 Mango
          Face scrub and 1 Coffee Face Pack as products in the bundle.
          A guest wants to purchase a Mango Face Scrub, but you do not have it as an
          individual retail product on your store or floor. To make your guest happy, you
          decide to unbundle one of the Valentine’s Day product kits.
          After you unbundle it, you will now have 1 Mango Face scrub and 1 Coffee Face
          Pack as individual products on floor. You can then sell it to your guest.
          Following are your stock quantities before and after you unbundle the product
          1. Before unbundling the kit:
              - Mango Face scrub = 0
              - Coffee Face Pack = 0
              - Valentine’s Day product bundle = 5
          2. After unbundling the kit:
               - Mango Face scrub = 1
               - Coffee Face Pack = 1
               - Valentine’s Day product bundle = 4

Following are the list of reports that display the details about bundled and unbundled stock quantity in the Inventory:

  • Current Stock Report
  • Product Consumption Report
  • Value Reports
  • List of Orders by Products Report
  • List of Audits by Products Report

Sample Current Stock report:

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