You can combine one or more products with varying quantities and create a product kit that you can sell as a single product.

For example, you can combine 2 bottles of Lavender Hair Oil, 2 bottles of Rose Hair Serum, and 1 bottle of Green Tea Shampoo as one product kit and sell it to your guests.  

Creating product kits is a two-step process:

  1. You create a retail product with a product kit name just as you create any product.
  2. You associate the desired retail products and quantities with the product kit.

Note: You cannot bundle a product that is either Consumable or both Retail and Consumable.

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To create product kits

Step 1: Create a Retail Product for the Product Kit
For example, if you wish to offer a Valentine's day kit to your guests, you must first create a retail product with the name Valentines Day Kit.

Step 2: Add products to an existing product kit

Ensure that you are at the organization level.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Resources > Products.
    The Manage Products page appears.
  2. Search for the product through one of the following methods:
     - Scan the physical quantity of the product using the barcode scanner.
     - Enter the product name or product tag.
  3. Click Search.
    The search results appear.
  4. Click the name of product to which you want to add more products and make a kit.
    The Edit Product page appears.
  5. Select This is a Product Kit check box and click Setup Product Kit.

      The Product Kit window appears.

   6. In the Product field, scan the barcode of the product or enter
       the product name.
       For example, if you scan the barcode of Green Tea Shampoo,
       the product name appears in the Product field.
       Note: You cannot add Consumable Product to a bundle.
   7. In the Qty field, enter the quantity of the product to be
       associated with the product bundle.
       For example, if you enter 2 in the Qty field, two bottles of
       Green Tea Shampoo will be added to the bundle.
   8. Click Add.
       The product is added to the kit.
   9. (Optional) To add more products, repeat steps 6 - 8.
   10. Click Save.
         The products are saved to the kit.
    11. On the Edit Product page, click Save.
        The kit is saved and is available in
         POS for the associated centers.
         For example, Mothers Day Special Kit shown in the following
         screenshot is a product kit in POS. 

Note: After the product kit is created, you must procure the stock using Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, or by bundling the existing products in the Inventory. 

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