A dispute or a chargeback occurs when a cardholder raises a complaint with their bank or credit card company about a payment made to you.

When the bank receives the complaint, the bank creates a formal dispute, reverses the payment, notifies you, and a $15 dispute fee is levied by the card network.

If you realize that the guest's complaint is valid, you can accept the dispute and settle the dispute in the guest's favor.

Important: If you accept a dispute, you lose the disputed amount and the $15 dispute fee. You must also be aware that you cannot issue a refund while a payment is under dispute. 

To accept the dispute for a disputed transaction

1. Open the Zenoti Payments - Disputes report.

2. Locate the disputed transaction and click Accept dispute.

3. Click OK on the Accept Dispute message.
    The "Accept Dispute is submitted successfully" message appears.
    Important: If you accept a dispute you will not be able to submit evidence and
    reverse the chargeback.

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