A dispute or a chargeback occurs when a cardholder raises a complaint with their bank or credit card company about a payment made to you.

Disputes are handled by your guest's bank and you must submit evidence to prove that the payment was valid. 

Important: Before you begin completing the form, review the list of evidence you must provide for your dispute type.  

To submit evidence for a disputed transaction

1. Open the Zenoti Payments - Disputes report.

2. Locate the disputed transaction and click Submit evidence.

3. Based on the dispute type, the appropriate Submit Evidence wizard opens. Click
    Note: The evidence that you need to provide in the next steps varies depending
    on the dispute type

4. Enter Purchase information and click Next.

5. Enter Shipping information if applicable, and click Next.

6. Enter Service information if applicable, and click Next.

7. Enter Additional information if applicable, and click Submit evidence now.
    The evidence is submitted to the bank. 

Note: You can submit evidence at any point in time by clicking Submit evidence now. You can also choose to click Save for later to come back and submit evidence at a later point in time. 

In the bank's dispute resolution process, after examining the evidence, if the dispute is found in your favor, the disputed amount and dispute fee is returned to you. If a dispute is upheld, the bank’s decision is final and the cardholder’s payment remains refunded.

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