The Service information form appears when you click Next on the Shipping information form of the Submit Evidence wizard.

Note: You are required to fill this form if you have provided some service to your guest. If you have not, you can click Next and proceed to the Additional  information form.

Important: Before you begin filling the form, review the list of evidence you must provide for your dispute type.  

The Service information form consists of the following fields:

  • Date of service: The date on which the service was provided.
    : This date should be prior to the date of the dispute.
  • Proof of service: Any communication with the guest that you feel is relevant to your case (e.g., emails proving that they received the service or expression of satisfaction with the service).
    You can also include a copy of a signed contract, work order, or any form of written agreement to prove that a service was provided to the guest.
    Note: The proof should be uploaded as a PDF file.

After you complete the above fields, click Next to proceed to the Additional   information form or click Previous to view the Shipping information form.

If you do not need to add purchase, shipping, or any additional information, click Submit evidence now or click Save for later to come back and submit evidence at a later point in time.

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