In the process of submitting evidence using the Submit Evidence wizard, you will see that Purchase information is the first form that you must complete.

Zenoti auto-populates most of the fields by fetching the relevant information from the disputed transaction.

You must review these fields for accuracy and provide as much information as you can to make a case that the payment was valid.

Important: Before you begin filling the form, review the list of evidence you must provide for your dispute type.  

The Product information form consists of the following fields:

  • Product Description: A description of the product or service and any relevant details on how this was presented to the guest at the time of purchase.
    Review the product description and edit if required.
  • Customer Name: The name of the guest.
    Review the customer name and edit if required.
  • Customer email: The email address of the guest.
    Review the customer email and edit or add if required.
  • Customer Signature: If you have a relevant document or contract showing the guest's signature for the transaction in dispute, upload the same.
    Note: You must be aware of the following:
    - If you use Zenoti Mobile POS and if the guest has made an in-store transaction,
      contact Zenoti Support to help you retrieve the guest's signature.
    - Customer signature is not applicable for online transactions (purchases on
      Webstore or Customer Mobile Application (CMA)) and for in-store transactions    
      made using Zenoti Desktop POS.
  • Billing Address: The billing address provided by the guest.
    Review the billing address and edit or add if required.
  • Customer IP address: The IP address that was used when making the purchase.
    Note: We recommend that you leave this field as is. 
  • Receipt: Upload the original invoice of the purchase as a PDF file. 
  • Customer communication: Any communication with the guest that you feel is relevant to your case (e.g., emails proving that they received the product or service, or demonstrating their use of the product or satisfaction with the product or service).

After you complete the above fields, click Next to proceed to the Shipping information form.

If you do not need to add shipping, service, or any additional information, click Submit evidence now or click Save for later to come back and submit evidence at a later point in time.

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