What does it mean?

Dispute type "Duplicate" means that the guest raised a dispute claiming that the guest was charged multiple times for the same product or service.

How can you overturn the dispute?

You must be able to submit evidence that each payment was for a separate product or service.

How to respond?

Determine if the guest was incorrectly charged multiple times. If yes, accept the dispute in the Zenoti Payments - Disputes report.
Important: It is not possible to issue a refund while a payment is being disputed.

If there have been two or more separate payments, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with your guest and understand what their complaint is. If you are able to resolve the issue with your guest, you can ask the guest to withdraw the dispute.

  • If the guest agrees to withdraw the dispute: Submit evidence that the guest agreed to withdraw the dispute (including any email correspondence).
  • If the guest does not agree to withdraw the dispute: Submit as much evidence as you can to make a case that the payment was valid.
    Find the corresponding payment transaction details for the multiple payments and show that each payment was made separately, such as copies of receipts.
    If the receipts don’t include the items purchased, be sure to include an itemized list. Each receipt should clearly indicate that the payments are for separate purchases of products or services.
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