The Booking Wizard lets you book appointments by automatically suggesting available time slots and providers based on the services you select. That is, if you are at the front desk and just key-in the services a guest wants, the Booking Wizard immediately suggests the available time slots and the providers. This makes the booking process easier, faster, and more accurate.

Note: If a guest requests for a specific provider, you can always select the name of the provider and then proceed with the booking. Zenoti shows the available time slots of the providers based on the settings at the organization level and the center level.

Tip: If you want to book appointments with time-gaps in between services for single guests, couples, or for groups (of up to six guests), turn on the Advanced mode. Note that you cannot do a bulk booking using the Advanced mode.
Note: If you do not see the Advanced mode option, reach out to Support. 

To book an appointment using the Appointment Booking wizard

1. Open the Booking Wizard

In the Appointment Book, select the date for which you want to book the appointment, and then click the Booking Wizard icon.

The Booking Wizard opens.

2. Specify the number of guests.

Select the number of guests from the No. of Guests drop-down list.

Note: You may see different in-line help text here such as No. of Clients, No. of Customers, or No. of Guests depending on the label name for ‘Guests’ that your administrator has configured from the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Guest).   

Note: Zenoti Web considers a booking for up to 6 guests as a group booking. Any booking for more than 6 guests is considered a bulk booking. 

Based on the number of guests you select, the wizard displays a separate guest/services instance for each guest.

For example, if you want to book an appointment for one guest, your screen will look as follows:

If you want to book an appointment for three guests, your screen will look as follows: 

3. Specify the following information in each guest/services instance

Guest (Mandatory)

  • To select an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the Search by Guest name, mobile, email, code field.
  • To add a new guest, click the drop-down arrow and then click  + New Guest.

If you have selected an existing guest, the wizard displays the guest’s information such as the guest's open appointments, due amount, and links to the guest’s packages, memberships, and notes.

Service or Day Package (Mandatory)

a) Click the Service/Day Package drop-down list and select the Services or Day Packages tab, as required.

b) Enter the name of the service/day package, or select one from the drop-down list.

c) To add more services or day packages, click + Service.

d) To delete a service or day package, click the cross-mark icon against it.

Therapist or Provider (Optional)

: You may see different in-line help text here such as Provider, Service Provider, Lifestyle Consultant, or Therapist depending on the label name for ‘Therapist’ that your administrator has configured from the organizational level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Therapist).

a) After you enter/select the name of a guest and a service or a day package, the Provider field shows ‘Any’ by default. This means that the Booking Wizard will automatically pick up providers who are available. This, in turn, means that the front desk does not have to look for providers who are available, thus saving their time and effort.

To change your selection, click the cross-mark (x) and select any one of the following based on your preference:

  • Any Female
  • Any Male
  • Other
    Note: The third gender option appears if organization level setting, Support third gender for guests and employees, is on. The label you configure for the third gender appears here. For example, if you configure the label for the third gender as ‘Other’, the same label appears in this drop-down list. Learn how to enable the third gender option 
  • <Names of specific providers>: Select the name of a provider or enter the name of the provider in this field. 

Note: While booking a service with Add-Ons from the Booking Wizard:

  • If a service and add-on are selected, then the provider drop-down list shows providers who can provide both, the service and the add-on.
  • If the provider is set to "Any", "Any Male" or "Any Female”, the time slots appear based on the availability of the providers who can perform both, the service and the add-on. 
  • If a specific provider is selected, then only those add-ons that the provider can provide appear in add-on drop-down list.

b) Repeat for each service or day package, if more than one.

Duration of a Service (Optional)

As the front desk, you can extend or reduce the duration of appointments to accommodate either a guest’s schedule or to accommodate a provider who needs more time to complete a service. 

  • You can change the duration only after you select a particular provider from the Provider drop-down list. You cannot change the duration when the Provider is set to Any, Any Male, Any Female, or Others.
  • You can change the duration for single, group, and couple bookings.
  • You can change the duration for a service in both, the Basic and in the Advanced modes.

Points to Consider

  • You can see the Duration column only if the organization level setting Change Service Time in Appointment is set to Allow or Warn. You cannot view this column if this setting is set to Block (Admin >  Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book). 
  • The Duration drop-down list shows Appointment time slots based on time slots configured at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab> Appointment Book > Appointment Time Slots).
  • If you change the duration, the Booking Wizard refreshes the available time slots based on the new duration. 
  • If you add an add-on with duration, the Duration field shows the total duration (duration of service plus the duration of the add-on).
  • You cannot change the duration for services with segments. 

Room (Optional)

Specify the room in the Room field by entering the room name or by selecting one from the drop-down list. If you do not specify a room, the Booking Wizard automatically picks a room.

Based on the provider you select in the previous step, the wizard automatically assigns a room based on the employee-room associations from the employee schedule and service-room associations.

Note: The wizard picks a room automatically only if the center level checkbox, Enforce room selection for every service, is selected (Admin > Organizations > Centers > Name of the center > Settings tab > Appointment Book section). 

4. Select and book a time slot

Based on your selection, the wizard displays the available time slots in the right panel.

Note: The moment you enter/select the services/day packages, the wizard shows the available time slots for available providers. This means that you don’t have to enter all the above details to view the time slots.

In fact, in some cases when new guests are hesitant to share personal details, you can first check the available time slots for the services/day packages they request, confirm if they are fine with the time slots, and only then go on to actually adding the new guest details. 

By default, Zenoti considers the current date or the date selected in the Appointment Book to list the available time slots.

a) To change the date of the appointment, click the calendar icon (in the right panel) and select a new date.

For a selected provider, the calendar highlights the dates with free time slots in green and dates with no free time slots in red.

If you are booking multiple services with different providers, the calendar does not highlight the available dates.

Note: To create an appointment for a past date, ensure that your organization allows booking past appointments.

If you change the date at this point, the available slots may vary.

b) Select the time slot for which you want to book the appointment.
Note: If you are doing a group booking, all guests in the group will have their appointment in the same time slot.
If the selected time slot is outside of the schedule of the selected provider, the unavailable time slots show a tip on hover that says, "Providers will get booked outside schedule".
The wizard also displays the approximate total price of the appointment inclusive of taxes at the bottom.

c) Click Review & Book.

You can click the Review & Book option only after you select a time slot. If a guest books multiple services, the wizard books these services one after the other, without gaps.

The Confirmation page appears.  

5. Review your booking

Zenoti holds your time slot for a few minutes (hold time) until you confirm the booking.

Note: Administrators or business owners can configure the hold time for a booking from the setting, Appointment Hold Time from the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book). For example, if Appointment Hold Time is set to 5 minutes, then when you click Review and Book, the Booking Wizard holds your booking for 5 minutes (the timer counts down the time remaining). Ideally, you must confirm your booking within this hold time. 

Do one of the following:

  • Click Book to confirm the booking.
    A message appears stating that the appointment is confirmed. The appointment now appears in the Appointment Book.
  • Click Go Back to modify the booking. Make any changes to the booking and then click Book.

Note: If you want to edit appointments made using the Booking Wizard, ensure that the center level setting to enable editing appointments is on. Learn how

You can also do a booking for a single guest or for a group (of up to six guests) using the Advanced mode of the Booking Wizard. 

To make a booking for guests (up to six guests) using Advanced mode:

  1. Turn the Advanced mode slider on. 
  2. Enter the No. of Guests and guest details for each guest. 
  3. Enter the service/day package details. 
  4. Select the provider.
    Note: You must select the name of a provider. Also note that the Booking Wizard automatically assigns a Room (if Room is mandatory for the service). 
  5. Select the Start Time.
    Note: Zenoti fills in the End Time based on the service duration configured for the service. Learn more: Create a service  

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