You can set up various membership plans, with different payment options, benefits, and schedules in Zenoti.

Memberships can be broadly divided into two types: 

  • Recurring: Recurring memberships allow guests to pay the membership fee at regular intervals in terms of months and you can set up the different schedules for benefits depending on the payment schedules.
    Learn how to create a Recurring Membership.
  • Non-Recurring: Non-recurring memberships are pre-paid memberships where clients pay the membership fee at one go and use the membership benefits through the tenure of the membership.
    Learn how to create a Non-recurring (term-based) Membership.

The benefits, payments, redemptions, and other configuration vary based on the membership type you are setting up.

Membership plans are set up for the entire organization and not for a particular center. After you create a membership plan for the organization, you can go ahead and assign to the centers where you want to use. 

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