As part of entering general information for a new employee profile, you need to enter login information. 

Follow these guidelines to add login information:

  • Username: Enter the username of the employee. This is a mandatory field. The employee uses this username to log into Zenoti and the employee or manager applications. In fact, if the employee has access to the customer mobile application, she can use the same login credentials to log in.
    : Ensure this information is accurate. In case employees forget their login information such as username and password, you can reset the password from this section using the Reset Password option on the right-hand corner of the Edit Employee screen. 
  • Password: Enter a default password that the employee can use to log into Zenoti for the first time. Employees can later change this password by clicking the Change Password link on the login screen of Zenoti. This is a mandatory field.
  • Confirm Password: Enter the default password again to confirm the same. 

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