If one guest is paying for all guests of a group appointment, you can collect payment for the entire group in one transaction.

To collect payment for a group invoice

  1. In the Appointment Book, select any appointment that is part of the group for which you want to collect payment.
  2. Select Take Payment (Group Bill) from the context menu.
    The Group Invoice opens. 
  3. [Optional]: Enter a discount on the invoice.
    Note: If you need to apply a membership or package benefit for one of the
    guests, you must click the invoice number and go to the individual invoice.

   4. Select the payment method that the guest chooses to pay with.
   5. Click Add Payment. The amount appears in the bottom panel of the invoice.  
   6. Click the Close & Print icon to close the invoice and get a printable copy of
       invoice or, click Close & Email to close the invoice and send the
       invoice by email to the guest.

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