You can create SMS (text messages) campaigns and send announcements or promotional offers as text messages to your guests. 


  1. Ensure that you have the Send/Schedule SMS Campaigns permission.
    Note: If you do not have this permission, you can still go ahead and create an SMS campaign, but you will not be allowed to publish it (send or schedule).
  2. Ensure to take consent from guests to send SMS campaigns as per TCPA law.

Perform the following steps to create an SMS campaign:

1. Log in to Zenoti.

2. Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns > Email/Text Message.

3. Based on your requirement, Add one of the following campaigns:

  • Add Scheduled Campaign: Scheduled campaigns let you send an email on a scheduled date and time.
  • Add Always on Campaign: Always on campaigns let you set up a series of emails and then lets Zenoti send them out at the right time to the right customers.

4. Depending on your selection, either Create Scheduled Campaign or
    Create Always On Campaign page opens.

5. Complete the following sections:

 Enter campaign info

  • Campaign Name: Enter a name for the Campaign.
  • Offer Code: Enter an offer code, such as SUMFRESH, that guests can use to avail the offer for online purchases.
  • Description: Enter an appropriate description.

Click Done after you enter the campaign information.

Communication Channel
Select the communication channel as Text Message (SMS) and click Done.

Select Campaign Type
Select the campaign type as Announcement and click Done.

Note: When you launch a scheduled or always-on cashback campaign, Zenoti prints an auto-generated coupon number and a default coupon text: 'Cashback of $ [amount]' on the receipt of the eligible guest. You can customize the text as per your need. If you want to include the cashback in your customized offer text, insert the macro: [CashbackValue] in it. For example, if your offer text is: ‘You have earned a brow wax worth [CashbackValue]!’, it reflects on the receipt as ‘You have won a brow wax worth $25!’.

Select Recipients

In this section do the following:

  1. Select the centers for which the campaign is applicable.
  2. Select the target segment.
  3. (Optional) Select the check box Send campaign to the guest only one time if you want a guest to receive the campaign email only one time.
  4. Click Done.

Create the Content

In this section do the following:

  1. In the Plain text message field enter the text for the campaign and optionally select the desired macros from the Macros field.
  2. (Optional) Click Send Test SMS and enter mobile number to send a test message before you send out a campaign to your guests.
  3. Click Done.

Save and Publish

  • Click Save and Close to save the campaign as draft.
  • Click Send Now to send out the campaign.
  • Click Schedule to schedule the campaign to a future date and time.

Option for Guest to Unsubscribe from the emails

Zenoti automatically includes an option to unsubscribe, at the end of every email sent to the guest. When a guest chooses to unsubscribe, Zenoti records their response and ensures that the guest will not be included in the mailing list.
Guest will not receive any notifications, even if they are eligible for special offers or discounts.

Resubscribe the Guest to Notifications

If a guest wants to receive the emails again, turn on the checkboxes (shown in the image) in Guest profile:

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