Before You Begin - Important Notes

  • In Zenoti, commissions are always calculated on closed invoices (with one exception around Series Packages - see next point). Invoices may not be closed due to various reasons such as when a guest decides to pay later, the guest makes a partial payment, the guest is part of a group and wants to pay after all the members of the group are done with their appointments, or there is a power outage. Employees do not earn commissions in all such cases. Once these invoices are closed (full payments are received), employees earn commissions based on configurations.
  • Exception to closed invoices: Employees may earn commissions each time a guest pays for a Series Package using the recurring payment option if the Organization level setting Award sales commission to employee with each payment for a series package is on. Read: Configuring Organization Level Settings for Employee Commissions
  • Since commissions are calculated on closed invoices, this means that employees cannot earn commissions on memberships that guest pay for using the recurring payment option. That is, employees cannot earn commissions based on recurring memberships (because these invoices are open - payments or revenue for these are collected on a recurring basis). 
  • It is a good idea to consider if and when you want to give commissions to employees and how much commission you want to award them.
  • Do you want all employees to earn a standard flat amount or do you want to reward your senior therapists more than your junior therapists?
  • Do you want employees to earn commissions based on a percentage
  • Do you want employees to earn commissions based on revenue slabs?
  • Do you want to give commissions on all or few of these- services, free services, products, memberships, packages, gift cards, and no show/canceled invoices?
  • Do you want to award commissions to empolyees when guests do not turn up for their appointments (no show) or when they cancel their appointments?
  • Do you want to apply any deductions on commissions to recover some of your operating costs?
  • Do you want your employees to earn a tenure bonus once they complete a given number of years at your center?
  • Do you want all employees in your center to get a center bonus when your business does better than expected in a pay period?  
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